About Us

Our Club
The Auckland Vintage Speedway Club is for all those with an interest in speedway from the past.
Whether you are an ex competitor, own a vintage speedway vehicle or just like dirt track racing how it used to be, you may find our club is just to your liking.
We have regular runs at our own track which is located at the Meremere Drag Strip Complex
in South Auckland.
We would like to find a home for all those TQ’s (3 quarter size midgets), Midgets, Sprint cars, solo motor cycles and side car motorcycles lying neglected around the country and see them restored to their former glory ( if not their former pace).

What is a Vintage Vehicle ?
1. All vehicles must be recognised by the committee and if they are to be used for mobile demonstations they must pass scrutineering.
2. Vehicles built 25 years or prior shall be classified as vintage. Those under 25 years old and classified as non competitive will be classed as post vintage.
3. Replica vehicles are allowed only under special conditions.
4. Vintage speedway vehicles are basically scrutineered for demonstrations at speeds of approx 35 mph. The cars are split into groups for venues where unrestricted running is available (our Meremere track).
Group 1.TQ’s
Group 2.4 cylinders, side valves, uncaged cars.
Group 3.6 cylinders. overhead valves & midgets with roll cages.

Do we have rules at our track?
Yes…..the following are just a few of them:
We do not race, we have spirited”demonstrations. This is enforced so we can all continue to enjoy our cars without OSH possibly closing us down if we have an accident. There is a clerk of the course who will control the day, he will be assisted by safety officers and flag marshals. All cars must be fully scrutineered every season and have a safety check before each meeting. All cars will have a log book. Safety gear must be worn. All drivers must attend the briefing at the start of the day.

Track day fees:
Car owner $30,  Guest driver $30,
As a way of controlling our “demonstration” runs a fine will also be payable for any spins !!!

Plus bring your spare dollars for the raffle !!!