Drivers Profiles

No 66
TQ built in 1955 by Skip Eade. It was powered by a JAP, later changed to a Triumph 650 cc.
Now owned by Murray and Heather Kemp
No. 21
Driver Murray Kemp
Built by Gene Gennerton in the U.S.A.
Came out with a Chevy V4 engine. Barry Butterworth raced it with the Chevy, but after a lot of trouble with the engine it was changed to Scat Autcraft VW. Barry raced it at Western Springs, Kumeu and Meremere High Bank. Now owned by Murray and Heather Kemp
Owner: Shane Kett

Built in 1992 By Graham Townsend.
Gambler Copy.
Ran a Mazda Rotary engine.
Last driven at the Springs by Calvin Worthington.
Owner: Bryan Ireland
Owner: Mal Parsons

JEEP engine

Ex: Merv Sutherland, Bill Texiera , Roly Crowther, Johnie Parker & Bill Winstone.
Holden Engine
Owner: Vic Wise

Holden 155 c.i. engine

Built in 1969
Toyota engine

Ex: Pam Shanley, Shane Chapman & Tracey Smith
Owner: Mark Stokes

Holden 138 engine

Eddie James won the 71/72 NZ champs in this car. Also won the 1971 50 lapper.
Owner: Ron Shearman

Engine: Now Toyota, was Pontiac then VW.

Ex: Stan Fox and Mark Cooper
TQ #51
Owner: Stu Kennedy
Built in 1982
Engine: XS1B 650 Yamaha

Ex: Wayne McCollough, Allen Kent, Derek Williams, Chris Williams & Lance Grinrod.
TQ # 5
Owner: Bruce Plummer
Engine JAP 500

Ex: Nick Carter
1st in NZ chmps 63/64
2nd in NZ champs 64/65
Sprintcar # 12
Owner: J Stanley

1967 USA “Hank Henry built”
Owner: Wayne Nicholson
Built 1936Jeep engine
Ex Lon Potter, Johnny Calender, Bill Cosgrave, Bob Leikus, Jim Simmons and Doug Nicholson
Owner: Mal Parsons
Engine: Chevy II
Ellis Wilke chassis
Brought from the USA by Carl Olsen
Driven by Lance Humphries.
TQ # 18

Owner: Noel “NITRO” Grieve

Engine: Fiat 500

Owner: Trevor Carnell

Engine: Ford
Owner: Trevor Kett.
Built in 1982
Engine: Toyota
Ex Graham Standring & Shane McRae.
Engine: Holden
Built in 1972
Ex. Chris Sleep

#25 – Now renumbered #16
Owner: Garnet McCutcheon
Built in 1972
Engine: Vauxhaul
Ex. B.Butterworth & G.Hartnell
Owner: Viv Pearman

Engine: Jeep
Was # 91 at Palmerston North Speedway
Built in 1948
Owner : Alan Scott

Engine; Rugby Continental
2nd in 1947 NZ champs
Ex Des Herrick & Bill Texeira
Owner: G. Lockwood
Engine: Holden
Built in the late 1960’s
Ex. Earnie McIntyre
TQ #22

Owner: Peter Burr
Engine: JAP 500
Ex.Lon Potter
TQ # 96

Owner: Alan Scott
Engine: JAP 500
Built in 1966
Owner: Mark Stokes.
Drivers: Mark & Greg Stokes.
Built by Trevor Carnell in 1959.
Originally ran a FORD Model A motor.
Converted to a Vanguard with twin carbs & Vertex mag around 1964.
OWNER: Barrie Cox
DRIVER: Barrie Cox
Built by Tony Putt & Barrie Cox
LTC VW 2180 EX #58 Bryce Collings Originally built by Keith Watson
Owner:Roy Rowe

Powered by Ford V8-60
Owner:  Craig Hambling

Chevy II powered.
# 1

Ex Ted Tracey #5 & #51

Owner: Colin Lea
Owner: Neil Lovejoy
Restored by Neil Lovejoy
Chassis: Ray Alach Edmunds coil car 1982
VW Autocraft 2400cc
EX – Sunday News car driven by Brett Horrobin.
Restored to the colours Leith Maskovich raced in the late 1980’s early 1990’s at Western Springs.
# 83 TQ
Powered by a 500 jap
Restored by Gren Parry in1982
Drivers Jim & Peter Simmons and Barry Robertson Raced at the springs in the 1960’s
TQ# 97

Owner: Ron Shearman

History – the car was built in the late ’60s and driven at Western Springs by Debbie Leyland.
Midget #99:      Ex Leo Vercoe
Owner:              Grant Morse
Engine:             Fuel Inj VW
Chassis:           LTC Copy
Suspension:    Parallel Torsion
History:            Built by Robert Oxenham in 1978 / 1979. Owned & driven by Leo Vercoe. Unfortunately Leo had a bad accident in the car at Western Springs in 1982. John Stanley completly rebuilt the car in 2001.
SideCar AK#17
Built in 1984
Last raced in 1988
Owner Russell Gibson.

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TQ #23

Triumph 500

“Nitro” Noel Greive
TQ #96

Owner: Russell Gibson
Built 1982
Engine Suzuki GSX 600

History: Ex.Warren Whittaker #61k and #56 A,    Peter Nixon #17V,     Kevin Butler #Ak .        
In the 1993-94 season  car got 3rd in Nth Island champs at Kihikihi.



Owner, Peter Kemp
Built by Fred Parkinson and finished by Ian Armstrong in 1973
Originally powered by JAP engine, now powered by 650 Yamaha XS


Driver – Murray Kemp

Ex Cliff North powered by Holden 138

ex Leo Vercoe, Trevor Morris chassis

era car – 1965